The degustation menus are created following a philosophy that make all the ingredients and all the dishes in perfect harmony between each other, so in respect of that please do not ask for variations



Green tomatoes salad, garlic, mustard leaves, tasazu

Cabbage, almond cream, lemon

Soba, Triora’s saffron consommé, onion

Charcoal grilled roots, sesame, yogurt

Pineapple, coconut, loomi, guava



Local fish ceviche, wasabi dressing, edamame, nuts

Deep fried shellfish rolls, sweet and sour sauce

Tortellini filled with tuna belly in his own consommé

Charcoal grilled swordfish, seasonal vegetables, Umami salsa

White chocolate ganache, oranges, praline



Thin sliced veal heart, tuna sauce, capers, lemon

Savoy cabbage filled with beef, local cheese cream, kimchi

Ravioli filled with veal stew, butter, gravy, tomatoes powder

Braised beef, potatoes cream, gravy

Banana, chocolate, peanut butter

For those who do not want the entire menu, we give the possibility to choose individual dishes from our proposals listed above:
Starter 18€ – Pasta 20€ – Main course 22€ – Dessert 8€

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menu di natale

Aperitivo di benvenuto

Ceviche di pesce locale, favette, wasabi, lime

Scaloppa di foie gras alla brace, fichi neri in conserva, cioccolato bianco

Preve di costine di manzo e fonduta di toma di Triora

Ravioli di bue grasso, crema di patate e fondo di arrosto

Ventresca di tonno alla brace, carciofi, taggiasche

Zabaione all’amaretto e cacao

65€ bevande escluse