Matteo D'Elia

was born in Sanremo, he embarked on the path of cooking at the age of 16.

As soon as he graduated, after various experiences in the area and a small Parisian parenthesis at Chez Maxime, he moved to England to the court of Giorgio Locatelli where he learned the importance of the raw material.

He takes the opportunity to continue learning from important personalities by continuing to tour England and beyond, working with Tom Seller, Pascal Aussignac, Takuma Kobayashi and Taiji Maruyama.

Right alongside the latter, where he becomes his shoulder, in the last 3 years he refines and learns what really lies behind every single element of a dish, fully knowing its characteristics to best express them.

What’s umami

Literally means tasty is the fifth taste, that is
the perfect and balanced synthesis of the other 4
(sweet, salty, bitter e sour).

Our goal is to find and enhance all the ingredients that in nature contain these characteristics and over conservation techniques, fermentations, cooking, marinades and pairing, we try to bring to a
unique level of a maximum expression of UMAMI.


The Omakase menu is constantly evolving and continuously subjected to influences controlled by the garden, by the fishing boats of our coast, by our cattle farms and not only and above all by the seasons.

This is the philosophy we want to express, offering as many ingredients as possible at the peak of their flavour, and that they are produced and consumed locally wherever possible. Therefore, as unusual as it may seem, we will try to interpret with products from the Argentina valley and the Ligurian sea, journeys that lead east from Badalucco via the American subcontinent.

Omakase is a culinary experience, where the love of sharing is brought back to the table. ln this path the schemes are broken, there is no order or strategy, nothing is by chance, everything has a story to tell, let yourself go and let yourself be carried away, here we travel the world with our legs under the table. Omakase is confidence.

opening time

to Wednesday to Monday:  12-14:15 | 19:30-21:45
Tuesday Closed

Via Ugo Secondo Partigiano, 1, BADALUCCO | Imperia


T: 0039 331 33 86 005